The Dem’s Problem Is Not That They Lost An Election.



All the people who are demonstrating against the fact they lost a fair election or are hoping for the very unlikely event a few members of the electoral collage change their votes for Clinton should consider something. Even if the election results were to be changed, it does not fix the problem. Democrats did not connect with white working class voters.

Of everyone seeking the presidency this election, Trump alone knew of the plight of the white working class and he’s President Elect as a result. If Hillary had taken the white working class seriously, she’d be President Elect instead.

As we are reminded after each election cycle, elections have consequences. Without those consequences, there is absolutely no incentive for anyone to improve. If someone were to overturn the election, the Democratic party would stay exactly the way it is now– tuned out to the white working class. The pain of losing an election is bitter for a political party, but it is the only way the Democratic party will realize the value of being connected with all Americans next election cycle.

Republicans should not gloat. Save for Donald Trump realizing white working class voters are angry for being left behind, the Republicans would be in the same position the Democrats are now. And, if they forget the lesson of this election, they will be.

My personal opinion is neither the Democrats or the Republicans are worthy of one’s undying loyalty. If both political parties struggle to connect to all groups of Americans, our democracy works, and the American people come out ahead regardless of which party wins the next election.





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