I figured it was time I finally post my review of Lisa Medley’s Space Cowboys and Indians. I need to inform you ahead of time I am acquainted with the author. While this may affect my objectivity, I can still say if I did not think this novel was worth reading I would not post a review of it on my site.


Space Cowboys and Indians is Lisa Medley’s genre-challenged novel about a man and a woman who wash out of astronaut training but get a second chance to go into space as asteroid miners. They get sucked through a wormhole, end up in an Apache camp, fight an alien, and have mad, passionate sex, all in the space of some forty-thousand words.

The copy I was given to review she said has a few mistakes and she is printing copies with these errors corrected. Still, I found very few errors. If this is what she considers an inferior copy, I’d be very confident the revised novel is thoroughly proofed. The novel contains adult language (although not an excessive amount) and a couple love scenes hot enough you’ll be able to heat your own bath water if you read the novel in the tub. Don’t give it to your grandchildren.

Space Cowboys has a high degree of scientific literacy. As a fan of Science Fiction, I appreciate it when I don’t run into scientific errors that distract from the story. The novel uses several scientific terms, one of which I had to look up myself (it’s used properly by the way.) I know little of Apache culture, but the descriptions of Apache customs and culture flow so well through the story, it appears Medley did her research there as well.

The plot is rather generic: Brash, egotistical hero meets strong-willed heroine who hates him at first but falls in love as the story continues. While it is somewhat cliché, it works here. The characters make wisecracks like junior high students, which will keep the reader laughing. There is a third character in the novel, Noah, who does not seem to have as much presence as he could. I was expecting him to be the third point in a love triangle. However, soon as the characters land after going back through time, he is out of the picture a lot, tending to a sick Apache princess. As a reader, I would have liked to see him more prominent in the novel, but it appears he and the princess will have a major role in a sequel. Still, it might have been well for him to appear more in the current story.

The pace is fast. By the time the reader really gets into the story, it ends. But that is a characteristic of a work of this size. Space Cowboys will make a great evening of reading something a little different from what you normally read.


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