The Minds of Your Children…

I’ve been researching for yet another of my Historical novel ideas and came up with this chilling information on the Hitler Youth.

The Hitler Youth was actually four organizations: one for boys ages ten to fourteen, one for boys ages fourteen to eighteen, one for girls ages ten to fourteen and one for girls ages fourteen to eighteen. The purpose was to indoctrinate young people to Nazi dogma and make them into “Proper Germans.”

What you may not be aware of is membership in the Hitler Youth was compulsory for all qualified young people. Parents of children who were not members could be prosecuted. Also, all other youth organizations were banned.  This gave the Nazis a virtual monopoly on the thought that went into their young people’s minds and they emerged into adulthood fully prepared to be “good Nazis.”

To the young people, the Hitler Youth was thought of as a social organization. Many youth considered the lectures boring and something they had to sit through until they could get to a more fun activity. The government had exactly the opposite view. Fun activities were to get the youths’ attention so they could begin the indoctrination.

To me, the lesson is clear. What goes into the minds of children will determine what kind of adults they become. Someone will determine what your children will think, and they do not all have the best interest of your children at heart. Make sure the person putting ideas into your children’s heads is you.


One thought on “The Minds of Your Children…

  1. such indoctrination was widely used by dictators. Mussolini also had youth clubs. My mother had to be part of one as she was growing up in Italy, but my grandmother’s teachings prevailed as she grew up. I’m sure communist Russia also had such clubs to shape the minds of the young.


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