Terrorism is blasphemy against freedom of speech

We’ve all heard of the terrorist attacks in Paris by now, supposedly to avenge insults against Allah. No one has a right to avenge speech they consider blasphemous. Consider the number of times in history Jews have been persecuted for their faith, yet Jews rarely resort to violence in retaliation. Likewise, Jesus is ridiculed continuously in the entertainment world, yet Christians do not resort to violence to avenge him. (Father, forgive them for they know not what they do). So why do so many Muslims think they have the right to avenge what they consider insults to their religion? Is their god so powerless he needs masked thugs to avenge him?


To be fair, every major religion has had its turn punishing those who do not agree with their beliefs. The New Testament mentions blasphemy as punishable by death in the Jewish world. Many a Christina “heretic” has been executed throughout history. And, of course, there are the actions of Muslim radicals today.

The difference is, at some point the Christian world figured out that if you kill everyone who does not disagree with you, you spend all your time killing people. The Islamic world still has to fully learn this lesson. Until they do so, many Muslims will continue to kill.


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