Sometimes in writing you follow your dreams – literally.


A couple days ago I got stuck on the planning of one of my many novels. It’s about a couple teenagers on an Earth colony on Europa, moon of Jupiter. There’s a conspiracy going on and they get wind of it. I was trying to find out how they would learn of the activity when I went to bed that night. In my dream the two boys, being teenagers, were hanging out in an area of the colony they weren’t supposed to. A group of people approach. They hastily seek a hiding place and the only one available nearby is a bathroom in the compartment. They lock themselves inside. Outside, the group has a secret meeting. The boys hear everything.
My dream even includes the type of clothing the group is wearing, the color of the walls of the washroom, and even mentions one of the boys making a humorous comment about the only seat being a toilet. Their hearts stop when a guy twists the knob to the bathroom. He walks off, muttering something about one of their own occupying the room.
Here I was racking my brain for several days when all I had to do was fall asleep. In what other activity do you overcome some of your biggest obstacles just by sleeping?


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