The gap must be closed.

Ever since Ferguson, there has been a lot of attention drawn to the plight of certain black communities. Everyone has an opinion on this, but I figure mine is as good as anyone’s and would like to present mine.
What to do about poverty has baffled people in every age. Our current strategy seems to be to fight it through income redistribution, taxing middle and upper income Americans to fund programs providing food, housing, and medical care for the poor. I am not opposed to income distribution to help the poor, in fact I am especially glad to see more things provided to poor families, especially the children. However, I think we need to caution ourselves income distribution alone will not solve the problem.
I have collected some quick and dirty statistics of white Americans vs. black Americans. The high school graduation rate 2011-2012 was 89% for white students vs. 73% for black students. Out of wedlock births in 2013 madeup 29% of white births and 71% of black births. (Please note many of these cases are cohabitating couples in an otherwise stable relationship.) In 2012 69% of all individual arrests were of white suspects while 28% were of black suspects. Considering 78% of the United States population according to the 2010 census was white (Hispanic was lumped in with white) and 13% black, blacks were over twice as likely to be arrested.
Obviously high school graduation, family stability, and arrest rate are key factors in determining if someone will be rich or poor. While I am in favor of providing things the poor need but do not have, this will not end the economic gap between whites and blacks until the rates of the factors I have just mentioned are equal. Honestly, I am not sure how to accomplish this and it may be a cheap shot to criticize a system but have no answers to improve it. Still, understanding a weakness in our strategy toward poverty may be a start.


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