Have Respect for Gay Characters.

Regardless of how you see the issues concerning homosexuals in society, I believe everyone should refrain from the use of slurs and other disrespectful mentions of gays. Most people will agree with what I just said, but I think there is another type of more subtle disrespect going around in literature and film.

In my view there are several good reasons for the inclusion of gay characters in a story.

1) It makes a political point regarding issues related to gays.

2) It has a purpose in the story. For example, I have a mystery story in which one of the suspects is clearly hiding something, but that something is he has a gay relationship. The relationship provides a red herring for the story.

3) Studies estimate 2% of the population is gay. Assuming that’s accurate, one of every fifty characters will be homosexual regardless of other factors in the story. It’s realistic to have a gay character pop up every now and then.

When someone uses homosexual acts because the author believes a gay relationship ‘trendy’ or because it’s ‘cool’ to see lesbians in a make-out scene, however, I believe it highly inappropriate. The use of a gay relationship by creative book/song/script writers only for an effect not only distracts from the actual story, it cheapens and degrades homosexual relationships in general.

I like to think of creative arts as things that advances the human condition. When I think they fail to do so, I feel the need to say something about it.

If you disagree with anything I said, please don’t feel offended. If you can offer a reason I’m wrong, please let me know. I’d rather know right than be right and am always open to new ways of looking at things.


2 thoughts on “Have Respect for Gay Characters.

  1. chuck, i couldn’t agree more.
    whatever your sexual preference, i’m not the judge… they are people who also have families, children. My youngest, one of her best friends comes from a family with two moms. they are wonderful women who are doing a great job raising their three girls. literature needs to account for them in a fair way…for they are people like you and me


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