Caught Between The Categories

Those of you who have been following my writing lately know I’ve finished a novel for the Tween age group. It has a fourteen-year-old protagonist in an age-appropriate story. The problem is, there is no category for it.

Book sellers classify books for young readers as Young Adult or Middle Grade. The problem is, fourteen-year-old protagonists fall in between the crack between the two. In my research of markets I have found one and only one so far that specifically requests Tween stories. It’s such a shame, too, because most young people don’t jump immediately from child to teen. There’s a lot of middle ground.

This has left several choices: Rewrite the novel with the MC aged up; the MC aged down; say I don’t care if it sells or not, I’m going to submit it to editors anyway; or self publish. This is a good story for self-publishing because it’s a great way to circumvent the hang ups of the publishing industry. While others might say nuts to the publishing industry, I’m going to submit it anyway or self-publish, my choice is to spend a couple more months on the story and write the character up to allow it to become traditionally published. Maybe that makes me a whore for success, but that’s what I believe is the best opportunity for me.

While some of you may thing I’m talking too much about myself in this entry, please know it’s just me blowing off steam. If you have similar things you want to express your frustration about, I’m happy to listen.

-Charles Robertson



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